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Julia Pletneva

The current body of work that we are bringing forward is inspired by the artist's love for the city.

The dramatic paintings depict the areas around the all too familiar neighbourhoods, places that are often left unnoticed in our busy lives. Julia brings a wealth of experience to her artwork, having studied at the respected All Russian Academy of Painting Architecture and Sculpture, where she established a strong hold on the technical painting skills of the Old Masters. She then went on to study at York University, where she was captivated by the world of modern art and eventually went on to pursuing her own passion.

Julia has participated in numerous art shows and exhibitions, and has collected awards from all over the world. Her work has been shown in both private and public gallery collections in Canada, US, Russia, Italy, Hungary, and Switzerland.
The use of bold colour, along with fast and dynamic brush strokes using the kaleidoscope of colours and city lights will not leave you unmoved.
What’s On 

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