Saturday, Oct 29, 2016

Nosferatu was a sinister vampire born out of German Expressionist films of the 1920s. He was a morbid looking creature who owned a mansion in the Carpathian mountains of Transylvania. We’re going way back in time to transform the club into his sinister abode for Halloween, and who knows, Nosferatu himself may even pop up! Complimentary cocktails will be served from 9-10 p.m. Come to the club either dressed in theme if you choose, or in that trusted Batman suit you wear every year (it always turns heads)–anything goes! There will be prizes for best costumes!

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Movies by Design: Fantasia

Saturday, Nov 5, 2016

Fantasia, produced in 1941 is the great grandfather of animation that is visually stunning and freeing. Flights of fancy are normal and expected.

Watch the history of the Earth unfold in a re-imagined format from the formation of the planet, the reigning and extinction of the dinosaurs to a hellish apocalypse. Centaurs, fauns, cupids and unicorns, dancing hippos and alligators, demons, ghosts, cathedrals, breathtaking sunrises all make an appearance in their natural habitats in one of Disney’s most iconic films. Join Spoke Club member Dolores Pian for the screening and discuss the look and feel of this animated masterpiece.

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Mongrel Media Screening: Manchester By The Sea

Thursday, Nov 10, 2016

The Spoke Club is teaming with our friends at Mongrel Media to screen a special advanced preview of the highly anticipated film, Manchester By The Sea. Starring Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams. The film received great buzz at TIFF and is slated for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director and Best Screenplay nominations at this year's Academy Awards. See the film two weeks before its release and bring a friend along to the screening. Afterwards, stop by the club to discuss the film and enjoy a complimentary drink with your ticket and a chance to win some great DVDs.

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Nancy’s Round Table: Is Trying to be Perfect Sabotaging Your Life or Work?

Tuesday, Nov 15, 2016

You’re a leader because you have the skills, experience and expertise but how much of your hard running is toward the need for perfection’? Why is perfection a woman’s issue and how do we cope with our 'felt’ need to be so darn perfect all the time?

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A Night in Havana

Thursday, Nov 17, 2016

Join us for A Night In Havana, a journey through Cuba past and present, where art and flavour will take centre stage. Discover expression under Communist rule with an insider-talk by contemporary art curator Magda Gonzalez-Mora and samplings of Afro-Cuban Jazz by award-winning musician Jane Bunnet and Maqueque. Kick back, relax, and invigorate your palate with a selection of Cuban-inspired fare.

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