After Work Office Meditations: Crystal Healing Part 2

Tuesday, Nov 20, 2018

The truly intriguing thing about meditation is the fact that, even though it's so incredibly powerful and healing, it doesn't technically require anything but your own body and mind. However, there are certain elements that can help deepen your practice and elevate your state of consciousness, which is where crystals come into play. In this Crystals II session, participants can learn how to check their crystals for energies, cleanse them for purity, and program them with their intentions. Bring your favourite crystals to the class so we can check their energies, clear them and create a crystal healing grid for you that can elevate and manifest your intentions!

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Cannabis Panel

Wednesday, Nov 21, 2018

With legalization upon us, we have prepared an evening targeting some of the pressing issues around cannabis. Local experts will discuss cannabis in the workplace to the rise in the business sector and from medical to recreational use. The evening will arm you with enough information to make you aware of the cannabis landscape in Canada.

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Gary LeBlanc Workshop

Tuesday, Nov 27, 2018

The Secrets to Creating Intention and Developing Healthy Rituals–We all feel we need to make changes in our lives, yet months go by without any of us taking action. Often times the stumbling block is having the drive and intention to change, while other times people don't know where to start.
Intention + Know How = Results.
The equation is simple yet hard to action.

In this practical session, Gary LeBlanc (Life Engineer) and Martin Reader (Human Performance Specialist) leverage the power of intention to arm you with the recipe for living a vital life, one week at a time.

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